Dr Seuss Trees

Greetings All,
today I made truffula trees check them out !

I made several so the color keeps changing but the process is basically the same .


* Pool Noodle/ Piping insulation (black)
* Electrical tape (4 pack if making a lot) / Ducktape
* X-acto knife / Scissors
* Tissue Paper
* Pipe Cleaners / Floral Wire
* Screw driver

1. wrap Noodle/Insulation in rings of tape

2. Select 3-4 pieces of tissue paper . 
Lay them on top of each other and fold accordion style
 with the longest side facing you.
3. Fold in half to mark center, then unfold.
4. Using x-acto or scissors shred both ends 2-3 inches up
5. Wrap center mark with pipe cleaner twisting tight 
6. fan either end of folded tissue paper 
7. Gently pull each layer up
8. Using Screwdriver punch holes in noodle/insulation just under the first ring of tape.
9. pull pipe cleaner through hole twist tightly
10. repeat on opposite side of noodle.insulation. fluff and display