Nada Meeks

The daughter of two teachers, art and education has long been a part of my life. So naturally I became and artist and author.
Good teachers (my parents) taught me to find beauty in everything and that even those things that repulse have their place and so I find beauty and inspiration in a wide variety of subjects and mediums.
But it was the long country hours with no television and time to read shaped my dreams. Reading is better than watching a movie, words create images in vibrant life that roll through my mind and immerse me in there world. As I grew I began to long for these images to take life in a tangible form so I began to draw and when my imaginary landscapes exceed the page, I began taking pictures. Those pictures began to take the form of dreams through photographic manipulation, the art of combining several photographs into a new photographic work. Now, I see myself as a creator of dreams; encourage the general use of imagination in daily life because imagination is what fuels our future. To contribute in any way to its growth and potential is one of the greatest things as a person and as an artist that I can have the privilege of doing.